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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Travelling By Plane

It is clear that many people who travel by plane, lack the basic skills necessary to embark upon such a journey.

First time travellers and the ignorant should be placed on mandatory training courses, which would cover the following:

1 Ensuring that they have all the relevant documents, eg passport tickets etc, to hand when checking in

2 Minimising conversation with the check in staff, so as not to delay those in the queue behind

3 Bringing only essential items onto the aircraft, rather than the kitchen sink

4 Turning mobile phones off when told

5 Ensuring that banned items, eg knives, are not brought through security

6 Doing as told by airline staff

7 Consideration for other travellers

8 Not talking to the person in the seat nextdoor, unless invited

Follow the above rules, and the journey will be far more pleasant and speedy for all.

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