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Thursday, June 06, 2019

D-Day 6 June 1944 - The Longest Day #DDay75thAnniversary

Many men came here as soldiers 
Many men will pass this way 
Many men will count the hours 
As they live the longest day
Many men are tired and weary 
Many men are here to stay 
Many men won't see the sunset 
When it ends the longest day
The longest day, the longest day 
This will be the longest day 
Filled with hopes and filled with fears 
Filled with blood and sweat and tears
Many men, the mighty thousands 
Many men to victory 
Marching on, right into battle 
In the longest day in history

Freedom is hard won, but easily lost.

Do not forget the sacrifice made 75 years ago by young men and women, who fought and died for the freedom that we take for granted today!

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