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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Lockdown Is a Misnomer

The word lockdown is a misnomer, if anything, it should be called "mockdown".

People have not been welded into their homes and, health permitting, have been free to go out and take exercise/shop.

Additionally, despite what certain middle class social media moaners (happily working from home on their keyboards) would like to believe, millions have been working outwith their homes during the last couple of months including, but not limited to the following:

- medical staff (doctors, nurses etc)
- hospital porters, cleaners, cooks etc
- police
- firemen
- ambulance drivers
- armed forces
- internet engineers
- gas, water, electricity supply staff
- delivery drivers
- lorry drivers
- postmen
- dustmen
- milkmen
- pilots
- supermarket staff
- farmers
- food production employees
- corner shop staff
- Piers Morgan (unfortunately)
- butchers, bakers, pharmacists etc etc

So before you sound off about being asked to go back to work (if you can't work from home), have a little bit of consideration and respect for those who have been already working outside of their homes to keep you healthy, fed, and on the internet!

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