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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Real World - Advice To Roger Gale MP

On BBC Breakfast yesterday Roger Gale MP, repeated calls for Sir Christopher Kelly to publish his report, now it has been leaked, saying that he could not comment as he did not know what Sir Christopher was recommending.

He then added: "I've heard one comment, which I think is absolutely ludicrous, to the effect that apparently somebody living an hour's train ride from London will not be allowed to have a base in London.

Now, that doesn't affect me, but it will affect quite a lot of people, and I just don't believe that Kelly lives in the real world, I don't think he knows what kind of hours we work or what kind of job we do. We've tried to tell him, but he doesn't appear to have listened

Maybe perfectly true Mr Gale, wrt hours of work etc.

However, many real world voters have to spend many miserable hours each day commuting using a decaying transport system. They will not give one jot about your "hours of work", but will question whether you live in the "real world" wrt your comment about needing base in London for a train ride of one hour.

The voters will conclude that it is you who does not live in "real world".

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