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Friday, January 20, 2017

Happy Inauguration Day - Trump In Perspective

Today Donald Trump takes the oath of office, to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

Ignoring the hyperbole of his supporters and detractors, here is a simple primer for those who want to grasp what may or may not happen during his term of office.

1 Trump should be taken seriously, but not literally.

2 He has learned from numerous series of the Apprentice to use conflict as a means of determining who are the most powerful/strong people in a room. You may expect him to apply the same techniques when in office.

3 He, and his team, are deal makers. All agreements both internal and international are now up for renegotiation. View him through the prism of business and deal making, not politics.

4 For those of you who are not citizens of the USA, he is not your president. Those of you who are citizens of the USA, whether you voted for him or not, like it or not he is your President.

5 As you wait for the inauguration at midday EST (17:00 GMT) take time out to watch the most excellent film "Seven Days In May". It's plot centres around a military-political cabal's planned take-over of the United States government in reaction to the president's negotiation of a disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union.

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