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Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Bleating Gyms

With the ongoing steps to come out of hibernation (eg the opening of pubs on 4th July) the gym sector has issued a collective bleat of annoyance that they have not been given the green light for reopening yet.

They claim that if pubs can open, so can they.

They claim that as they contribute to health and fitness, they deserve to open at the very least at the same time as pubs.

All very well and nice, maybe, but in a well run pub that adheres to the government guidelines your risk of catching Covid is less than your risk in a gym.

Irrespective of the measures that gyms might take to reduce transmission, those in a gym are in an enclosed environment where people are panting, sweating and excreting all manner of secretions into the air and onto the equipment.

I am more than happy to take my chances in the pubs and restaurants, but for now will avoid gyms like the plague (even if they are allowed to reopen).

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